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Congressional Cemetery

Opened in 1807, Historic Congressional Cemetery is the final resting place of thousands of Washingtonians, from the famous to the notorious to the downright bizarre.

The Women's March of 1913

In 1913, suffragists planned a massive march to coincide with the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson. It was a turning point in the fight to win the vote, which finally succeeded in 1920.

March 1,2,3 Smithsonian Associates

March 5 Georgetown Senior Center

March 7 Tenley-Friendship Library

March 9 Litchfield Books 

March 12 Shepherd Park Library

March 15 Takoma Park Community Center

March 16 Quail Ridge Books

April 22 Manassas Museum

May 4 Sandy Spring Museum

Grave Robbing in Washington

Well into the twentieth century, Washington was a hotbed of graverobbery. corpses were stolen for medical school anatomy classes, for eccentric collectors, and for black magic. Read Rebecca's blog post about the theft of William Wirt's head here!